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1. Give definition of "pressure"
2. The tool weighing 10 000 N has a bearing area of 5 m2. Determine the pressure of the tool on
3. The piston moves up without friction in the gas cylinder.
a) Explain the change in gas pressure inside the cylinder
b) Explain how the gas molecules in the cylinder exert pressure on the inner surface of the
4 а) Derive the formula for determining pressure of liquid to the vessel bottom.
б) What pressure at the vessel bottom is exerted by a layer of petrol with height 0,5 m. The
density of petrol is 710 kg/m3 and g = 10 N/kg.
5. Calculate Archimedes’ force acting on iron weight, if it is completely placed in water and has
a volume of 500 cm3. (Water density is 1000 kg/m3).
6. A man lifted a 20 kg pail of water from well with depth of 10 m for 25 s. Calculate the work
done by a man. Calculate the power generated by a man. Take into account that pail moved