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interesting ideas within your submission. I like the idea of exploring the relationship that art has with
mental health
I think that there are several great ideas underneath the topic of the relationship part has with therapy.
Want to go in several different directions, so I'm curious where you will end up. One suggestion I
thought up while reading your submission is to perhaps provide a speech on the available resources for
individuals seeking support with escaping from domestic violence. Perhaps a speech about the mountain
Women's Resource Center. But that's just a thought
I am curious which of these you are leaning towards for your informative speech. Keep in mind, an
informative speech should not attempt to persuade the audience to adopt a particular stance nor should
it be set up as a pro-con type speech.
Your ideas are on the right track, keep in mind that your speech we'll need to depart from a topic and
begin becoming more specific as you funnel down your ideas to form a single SPECIFIC PURPOSE. This is
a important term!! I might look ahead to see how you can find yours.
Your ideas are on the right track, however I must make note the way of the writing in this assignment
undermines the clarity of the ideas at times. Make sure to strive to fully edit your submissions in order
to gain a stronger sense of quality to it as it pertains to grammar.
On the subject of topics, there seems to be two competing schools of thought in most textbooks today.
Some authors suggest that students find a research topic that they may be somewhat unfamiliar with.
These instructors encourage students to learn new ideas and bring a sense of scholarship and
investigation into their speech.
On the other hand, others such as myself, suggests that a student use their own Hobbies, interests,
employment skills, or other skill sets and develop a speech from there.