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Scientific Notation Yr 9

Aditya Maths Homework L1
Convert the following to scientific notation:
(in the form we discussed today… all answers to be given to 3 significant figures.)
a. 435060594992
b. 545000
c. 2
d. 45.980
e. 0.00001014
f. 40.98
2. These numbers are already in scientific notation, convert them into the right form.
a. 482 x10^4
b. 0.0567x10^-3
c. 800x10^1
d. 0.086x10^-102
3. The speed of light is about 3x10^5 km/s. The distance from Pluto to the Sun is
approximately 5.9x10^9 km.
How long would it take for light from the Sun to reach Pluto? Give your answer to the
nearest minute (taken from Maths Cambridge 10, David Greenwood et al.)