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Jamarkis Stanton Process Operations Chapter One

Jamarkis Stanton
Chapter 1
1. Describe how a process technician’s roles has changed in the last 30 years. Answer: Accept a
much more diverse workforce, Self-train using computer-based training materials,
Understanding computerized controls and automation, and Assist in site security
2. List three core values desired in a process technician. Answer: Integrity, Safety,
Environmental awareness
3. Discuss the importance of employee safety to the process technician. Answer: Individuals are
proactive in creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and incident free environment
4. Explain the importance of environmental compliance to the process industries. Answer:
Technicians are involved with environmental compliances due to the Environmental Protection
Agency’s mandates found in the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and Resource Conservation
and Recovery Act
5. Discuss the roles a process technician performs in the area of environmental compliance.
Answer: Incident reporting, Sampling and testing, Fugitive emissions monitoring, Conduct
routine inspection by a regulatory agency
6. List five roles of a process technician today. Answer: Accept a much more diverse workforce,
Self-train themselves using a computer-based materials, Understand computerized controls and
automation, Understand and comply with safety and environmental regulations, and Function as
a team member with good interpersonal skills
7. Explain the importance of those five roles to the process industry. Answer: Computer Skills,
Diversity, Troubleshooting, Process hazard analysis, Site Security
8. List at least two skills and two knowledge categories desired of process technicians today.
Answer: Communication skills, Interpersonal skills, Regulatory knowledge, and Problem solver
9. Describe how the process technician has a role in site security. Answer: They are on the
frontline manning the foxholes against terrorists. Their knowledge, skills, and alertness are
necessary for a successful defense on their production site
10. What is the primary function of today’s process technician. Answer: Volving safety,
environmental compliances, continuous improvement, product quality, maintenance, and
11, Discuss two ways, social or physical, that shift work affects a process technician. Answer:
Rotating schedules rotates workers through all shifts, days, evenings, and graveyards. The 12hour shift has become the standard for shift workers in the process industries.