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Byronic Hero

In a small town in Texas that no one really knows about not even the name of the town, people
just know. A boy named Jacob Flask was different than other boys. He didn’t have any friends
but he found his place in the music room. One day he was walking home and he got struck by
lightning. He was unconscious for 3 days. No one checked on him. Not even his family. When
he finally woke up, he felt different. He didn’t think too much of it and brushed it off. The next
day he was in class and as the bell rang, a couple of his classmates started bullying him. So he
opened his mouth and let out a shriek and all of the bullies fell back. He then on ran away into
safety. Suddenly, he had an urge to fight back. He was tired of people constantly bullying him.
Jacob stopped doing school work because he wanted to focus more on himself. Jacob thought
school work as a nuisance. All the negativity from the bullying had gotten to him which
demotivated him from completing his school work. After school, he channeled all that negativity
into something he loves doing; fencing. He was apart of the national fencing team. One day at
practice he was fencing with another guy on the team and the guy accidentally injured him. He
was mortified! Fired up from this injury, he spent hours and hours practicing, getting ready for
his biggest challenge; the Summer Olympics. He wanted to show the world that has what it
takes to become the World's Greatest Fencer! At the Olympics, he ended up winning the gold
medal. For the first time in his life, he felt accomplished. People all around the world recognized
him, and on that day, Jacob felt like he had a purpose in his life.