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Brianna Catalano

Brianna Catalano
Chapter 16
-Section 1
Nicotine- a chemical that acts as an insecticide to protect the plants leaves from insects, very addictive.
Smokeless Tobacco- tobacco chewed or sniffed
Chewing Tobacco- also known as chew or dip consists of poor-quality, ground tobacco leaves mixed with
flavoring, preservatives, and other chemicals.
Snuff-finely ground, powdered tobacco
1. Three factors that influence a persons decision about tobacco use is friends, family, and media.
2. Nicotine is a insecticide that is a very addictive chemical in tobacco products.
3. Tobacco products that are smoked are cigarettes, bidis, kreteks, and cigars and pipes. Tobacco
products that are smokeless are chewing tobacco and snuff.
4. The part of the body that is most affected by the use of smokeless tobacco is in your mouth
including your tongue, teeth, and gums and the lining of your mouth.
5. Friends I think has the most influence on a teens decision because teens want to “look cool” and
“fit in”. Family I think has the least influence because family members would not want you to try
for your own health because they care about you.
6. I think anti-tobacco ads has a greater influence on teens decisions to do tobacco because in the
ads they show what happens to you and your body when you use the product, and they try to
get a powerful message through.
7. Yes because if they put consequences that are very strict for both alcohol and tobacco they both
will be reduced and kids will not want to get in trouble.