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Year 10 TofV homework

Questions 3.
• Re-read p. 18-19 and the timeline section too.
• Answer the practice question on p. 19.
• Question 3 – a narrative explanation of the causes or
consequences of an event with mini judgements about how
significant each cause or consequence was. (8 marks, 10 minutes)
• Write a logical, usually chronological account.
• State a cause or consequence for the event referred to in the
question in 1 sentence. Next, explain how this caused the event or
what its consequences were in 2-3 sentences. For the highest
marks, add a short judgement about how much impact this cause
or consequence had on the event (2 sentences.)
• Repeat for a second cause or consequence. If possible or relevant,
add in half-sentences to show connections between the two or
how one led onto the other.
• If you have time, do this for a third cause or consequence but not
at the expense of doing two fully.
New States
Read p. 22-23
Some new states were created out of old ones at
the end of WWI.
Which countries did best and worst? Write a
summary of the positives and negatives
experienced by:
• Austria
• Hungary
• Czechoslovakia
• Yugoslavia
• Poland
To what extent did the Big 3 achieve their
Stick down the charts from p.24-5 in your books.
Study the practice question and plan out your judgement based on the
evidence in the charts.