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DECEMBER 07, 2018
Good day everyone right now I am here in front to bring up an urgent matter that involves the senseless deaths
of numerous young students because of hazing . Gonzalo Mariano , UP (1945); Ferdinand Tabtab, UP (1967);
Mel Honasan, San Sebastian College (1976); Leonardo Villa, ADMU (1991); Ace Bernabe, Edward Domingo,
Monico De Guzman, PMA (2000-2001); Marvin Reglos, San Beda College (2012); and recently Horacio
Castillo, UST (2017) .These are just to name a few whose lives were cut short through violence. These were just
a few of high profile cases on hazing. Other accounts place that there could be more than a hundred deaths due
to hazing but the rest were not reported or did not reach the courts. So much senseless deaths, so much wasted
youth, the bright future of these students suddenly gone.
According to R.A. no. 8049 section 2 and 3, No hazing or initiation rites in any form or manner by a fraternity,
sorority or organization shall be allowed without prior written notice to the school authorities or head of
organization seven (7) days before the conduct of such initiation. The head of the school or organization or their
representatives must assign at least two (2) representatives of the school or organization, as the case may be, to
be present during the initiation. It is the duty of such representative to see to it that no physical harm of any kind
shall be inflicted upon a recruit, neophyte or applicant. But do you honestly think that they would follow this?
Of course not, no fraternity in their right state of mind will allow a non-member to witness their initiation rites.
Thus, most of these initiation rites are not reported to school authorities. It is truly bothersome that they were
tortured and killed by the same people they considered brothers and protectors. This shows that their untimely
death proves that hazing is a problem in fraternities, sororities, and other more organizations. It also shows that
this law is not effective in preventing abuse against neophytes of fraternities.
We think that the lawmakers should prohibit hazing and other activities that involves physical harm. Instead of
physical abuse in initiations, fraternities should engage neophytes in community works and outreach programs
consistent with their organization’s ideas. Activities that are beneficial both for their organization and the
community as a whole. Activities that develop this neophytes over all as a person and as good citizens of our
We are calling upon you, our lawmakers, to act on these catastrophes. These senseless deaths must stop now,
deaths from violence in hazing. It is about time that we outlaw hazing. We need to have a new law that will not
only rectify hazing but prevent it. That is all, thank you.