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Ratios, Proportions, and Percents
1. The following is a model of 1/5 of 20 = 4
-Using the same technique, model 1/6 of 30 = ?
2. If it has rained 2 of the last 5 days, what percent of the total days did it rain?
3. My family sets up the following budget. If our total income is $900 per month,
then what percent are we spending on our house?
4. If my bag of Dum Dum Suckers is known to have 4 Root Beer out of every 30
suckers, how many Root Beer suckers would we expect out of 150?
5. I bought Ohio State vs. Michigan Football tickets for $150 each at the beginning
of the season. If I decided to sell them on Ebay for $300 each, what would be the
percent mark up?
6. I read 8 nonfiction and 17 fiction books this summer. What percent of my books
were nonfiction? What percent were fiction? Show your work.