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16117 University Oak
San Antonio, Texas 78249-4018
(210) 492-9100
Troy D. Feese, P.E. – He has served as an Expert Witness in lawsuits in the U.S. As a Senior
Engineer at EDI, Mr. Feese has over 23 years of experience in performing computer analyses
and field troubleshooting of a wide range of machinery.
He routinely performs rotordynamic analyses (lateral critical speed and stability) on rotating
machinery such as centrifugal compressors and pumps, gears, and motors. He also performs
torsional analyses on industrial fans and blowers, reciprocating engines and compressors,
synchronous motors, and motors with variable frequency drives (VFDs). He has analyzed
reciprocating compressor manifold systems, piping, and other structures using ANSYS (a general
finite element code). He has evaluated the dynamic characteristics of foundations for
reciprocating compressors and large ID fans. He has performed strain gage measurements and
sound level studies.
He has authored technical papers on torsional vibration and multi-plane balancing. He is also a
speaker at the annual EDI seminar. For his Master’s thesis, he developed a computer program
to predict the transient torsional vibration, shear stress, and fatigue life of a synchronous motor
train containing an elastomeric coupling with nonlinear stiffness. He has written other
computer programs to calculate torsional and lateral vibration.
Education & Affiliations –
B. S. (Mechanical Engineering) – University of Texas at Austin, 1990
M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) – University of Texas at San Antonio, 1996
ASME, Vibration Institute, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, GMRC Torsional Sub-Committee
Donald R. Smith – He has served as an Expert Witness in lawsuits in the U.S., Canada, and
England. He is one of the original founders and past president of Engineering Dynamics
Incorporated (EDI).
He has over 40 years of experience in the field of engineering services, specializing in the
analysis of vibration, pulsation, and noise problems with both rotating and reciprocating
equipment at many locations in the U.S. and throughout the world. He has conducted field
tests on equipment on offshore platforms, FPSOs, and in natural gas, chemical, petroleum, and
power plants (fossil and nuclear). These investigations also included the associated piping,
foundation, and structural elements.
Additionally, he has authored and presented many technical papers at the Texas A&M
International Pump Users Symposium and at the Turbomachinery Symposium.
Education & Affiliations – B. S. (Physics) – Trinity University, 1969
Texas A&M Turbomachinery Advisory Committee (2007 – 2012), ASME, Vibration Institute