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Industry analysis
The organic fertilizer market is comprised of numerous vendors, the leading players makes up
approximately 40% of the overall market share while small to medium scale vendors accounts
for the rest (Globalnewswire)
“The total consumption of organic fertilizers in California is 93,984 metric ton in 2017. There
are around 300 organic strawberry growers in five distinct areas of California:
Watsonville/Salinas, Santa Maria, Oxnard, Orange County/San Diego, and the Central
The organic fertilizer market is driven by the increasing demand of organic food, recent
Consumer Reports shows that over 50% consumers in America are willing to buy organic
food. The rapid development of the organic agriculture and enhancing demand for organic
food in the country spurs the growth of the organic fertilizers market. (Fertilizer-machine)
Mary’s Poop SWOT Analysis
 Unique packaging
 In control of supplier power: fertilizer is produced via sister company Mary’s Alpacas
 One of the few organic fertilizer retailers on the east coast
 Lower NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus & Potassium) compared to other organic fertilizers
 Lack of product variety
 Competition on the west coast, many vendors
 Unique background story to grab people’s attention
 Increasing demand for organic agriculture and food production
 Smaller vendors attract more attention in comparison to large corporations
 Competitive pricing within the market
 People who prefer to use non-organic cheaper alternatives
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