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The Roxas Administration
(May 28, 1946 –April 15,1948)
• 1.A government without financial means to
support even its basic functions.
• 2.Scarcity in the commodities especially of
• 3.Hyperinflation
• 4.The tragic destruction of a productive
• 5.Still –on going rehabilitation among the
different sectors in the society
• He established the rehabilitation Finance
Corporation (1958) as the DBP.
• The creation of DFA and the organization of
the foreign service through Executive order
no. 18
• GI Bill of Rights for the Filipino veterans
• Revision of taxation laws to increase
government revenues
• Strengthen the sovereignty by proposing a
CENTRAL BANK for the Philippines to
administer the Philippine banking system
R.A.no. 265
• campaigned for the parity amendment to 1935
constitution demanded by the Phil Trade
Relations Act or the Bill Trade act would give
the American citizens and industries the right to
utilize the countries natural resources in return
for rehabilitation support for US.
• 620million dollar in war damage compensation
through the Phil. War Damage Commission.
• Established diplomatic ties with the foreign
countries and gained membership to
international entities such as:
• United Nation General Assembly
• United nations Educational, scientific and
cultural organization UNESCO, WHO and ILO.