I am impressed to see the issues you tried to discuss and search through your sources. Your
sources tell clearly about your topic areas that you are planning to narrow your focus on. In
the first article, you discussed a society and education issue that students do not analyze
and utilize their bachelor’s degrees to full extent. Higher degrees result in higher incomes
(Brint, 2011) and that is what author tried to discuss in this article. In second article, you
discussed that students become vulnerable to financial and emotional problems when they
take heavy loans to complete their education (Robson,2017). In last article, you identified a
source that also discussed a topic of debt management and savings. There are great costsaving strategies that can even work for people with good salary packages (Roiland, 2017).
Overall, I am very impressed by your topic ideas and revelant sources topic selections. This
is a great start you will end up discussing a very unique topic in great manners.