Task 2 bai 2

Today more and more students are deciding to
move to different country for higher studies. Do
you think that the benefits of this outweigh the
Nowadays, students are increasingly moving to
foreign countries for higher education. In my
opinion, the advantages of this trend outweigh the
There are a few disadvantages of moving to another
country for higher education. Firstly, the studying
abroad students have to stay away from the
comfort of their home, which creates stress and
anxiety. They begin to feel more and more
homesick as they miss the warmth and love that
they received from their parents. As a result, it can
directly affect their performance at school. Another
disadvantage/ drawback is that studying abroad is
expensive. The fact that many countries do not
allow foreign students to work, so they need to
have enough money before studying abroad.
Nevertheless, the advantages of going abroad for
higher education are truly overwhelmingly more
remarkable. For instance, when Vietnamese people
study in developed countries like the US or
Singapore, they can enjoy the state of the arts and
advanced technologies which are not available in
their home country. In addition, students can have
better chances/ opportunities to secure a
permanent and well-paid occupation after
graduating. For instance, some students love their
host countries so that they decide to seek work
there. Another benefit (of studying abroad )is that
students experience different kinds of cultures.
These experiences are often enjoyable and enable
them to have a better understanding and
appreciation of the nation’s people and history.
To conclude, people have diffirent views, but in my
opinion, studying in abroad definitely have more
advantages than shortcomings.
have a range of oppoturnities for students as well as
donating/devote their skills to their homelands.
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