ch 6 physical science Test

Chemical Bond Test
Name ________________
1. What are three indicators that you have an ionic compound rather than a covalent bond?
2. Why would lithium and iron not likely form an ionic bond?
3. Name the following covalent bonds.
a. 𝑁3 𝐹7
b. 𝑃2 𝑂5
c. 𝐢𝑂2
4. Give the formula for the following covalent bonds
a. Heptanitrogen hexoxide
b. Dihydrogen monoxide
c. Sulfur tetrafluoride
5. Fill in the chart
Ammonium Acetate
(𝑁𝐻4 )(𝐢𝐻3 𝐢𝑂𝑂)
Ions involved
𝑁𝐻4+ & 𝐢𝐻3 𝐢𝑂𝑂−
Strontium nitride
𝑀𝑔(𝑆𝑂4 )
𝑅𝑏3 (𝑃𝑂3 )
𝐢𝑒2+ &
𝐢𝑙 −
𝑃𝑑 4+ & 𝑂22−
Iron (III) Hydroxide
Titanium (II) Chlorate
6. Write the following in an balanced chemical equations
a. Aluminum reacts with oxygen gas to produce aluminum oxide.
b. Hydrogen reacts with oxygen in an explosion to yield water.
c. Iron (III) Hydroxide reacts with potassium carbonate to produce Iron(III) Carbonate and
Potassium hydroxide.
7. Balance the following equations.
a. ___𝐻2 𝑂____𝐻2 + ___𝑂2
b. _____𝐢10 𝐻16 + _____𝐢𝑙2 → ____𝐢+____𝐻2 𝑂
c. ___𝑃4 + ____𝑂2 → ____𝑃2 𝑂5