Business Analytics - Capstone - Strategy

Business Analytics Capstone
Framework for Strategy
Steven Stewart
Describe your proposed strategy
First, GYF needs to create and distribute an online survey to our users. While we can not predict who will and will not take the survey, it is my opinion
that those who have the biggest issue with advertisements will take notice and want to provide their input to make their use of our products more
enjoyable. To be seen is if they want no advertisements, or limited to relevant advertisements
Second, is to skip the end-user survey and internally determine what ads are relevant to our platform and limit ads ourselves. This would make our site
less intrusive to most users as well as infinitely more relevant to our end users.
Third and less likely, is to provide a paid monthly subscription for our product that would eliminate all ads. The problems that arise from this would be
why would an end-user pay real money to skip ads? And if they were, what price point?
Application Exercise 2 – Hiring a Team Leader (Optional)
Peggy Prospect has been hired as our Senior Associate Director of Digital Advertising Strategy. Ms. Prospect has previous experience in dealing with the
ad-block platform with her previous employers. While at her previous employment, she has shown positive team work and that will provide valuable
experience as she leads and develops the new Digital Advertisement Strategy team under her. When interviewed she exemplified what we are looking
for in this position, showing not only her understatement of the issues that face our company, but complete confidence in what strategy we should
Unfortunately Carrie Candidate did not meet the standards that we need at GYF. We are in a position that we need someone with experience, that
Carrie simply did not have outside of her education, which will exemplary, her outside hands on experience is limited. Carrie was also deemed not to
have as much team experience that GYF requires in this position.