Meiosis HW packet, notes recap

Meiosis HW packet
Directions: using your NOTE PACKET fill in the following short answer and multiple
choice questions.
1. What process in the human body produces gametes?
2. Where does this process take place?
3. What is a hereditary trait?
4. What types of cells transport chromosomes from one generation to the next
5. What types of cells carry hereditary information?
6. What would happen if you had a mutation in the cells mentioned above?
7. What process can develop humans without combining gametes?
8. If one where to clone a female sheep what would all of the offspring be?
9. Would a person be able to mate the offspring of a cloned female sheep, WHY?
10. What is one disadvantage of a flock of cloned animals?
11. What is one advantage of a flock of cloned animals?
12. What are genes?
13. Place these three things (Genes, Nucleus, and Chromosomes) in order of highest
amount of structures in a cell to lowest amount of structures in a cell?
14. What is the central Dogma in Biology?
15. Does chromosome #1 that you received from mom have the same genes on it as
chromosome #1 that you received from Dad?
16. How many different chromosomes are in one somatic cell in the human body?
17. How many total chromosomes are in a somatic cell of the human body?
18. What does the term Diploid mean?
19. How do we represent the term diploid in equation form?
1. n
2. 2(n)
3. 4(n)
4. ½ (n)
20. What does the (n) stand for when speaking of chromosomes in an organism?
21. What number of chromosomes does a gamete have?
2. 2(n)
3. 4(n)
4. ½ (n)
22. What is one advantage of reproducing sexually?
23. What two things happen during meiosis which creates diversity and variety within
the gametes that are produced by sexually reproducing species?
Assortment and differentiation
Assortment and recombination
Recombination and differentiation
Differentiation and mitosis
24. Describe recombination. How does this result in a new chromosome?
25. Describe assortment. How does this make diverse gametes?
Circle which
side is correct in
the picture.
Then state why it
is the correct one
29. What are three differences between sexual and asexual reproduction:
Asexual Reproduction
Sexual Reproduction
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