Aesthetics is an appreciation of beauty and good taste. The performance and
installation arts imparts soothing effects on its observers, they feel part of a community
and develop a sense of place. It took a good amount of time for me to understand this
discussion’s essence, and now I have bunch of things to talk about. I not only get
aesthetic effects from performance arts, but also appreciate and enjoy them to full
extent. These performances are generally derived from human behavior, and most of it
comes natural to us.
I get aesthetic effect from many settings in the space around me. The sprinkling of
water in the parks, searchlights that illuminate the sky at night, and color sparkling lights
fascinate me to name the few. I observe these things mostly when I am randomly
passing. It feels like that these things are saying “hello” to you and invite you to join
them in their dancing party. In the process, I unconsciously move my head, fingers and
legs to align with the movement and dance of these things. I believe that anything is an
art that entertains you from inside.
If loving the nature and beauty is weird, then yes I am a weirdo. I love the natural
lightning of thunder, except its horrible sound. I assume the stars on sky as dots, and I
connect these dots to make different shapes in my mind. I enjoy the zig zag motion
(also some kind of drifting) of a car. I am afraid of heights, but I love to see waterfalls
and sky touching mountains. I like hooting and noise during a concert and musical and
performance shows. In short, if you are not being weird, you are missing out on all the