stupid mans

“A Message to Garcia”
In this short story, the author was conveying to the reader the undesired and desired
qualities of a follower are. The short-story was mainly about the type of follower that would be
accepted to take the position and it through examples of the mistakes a follower can make when
given a command. The main examples were hesitation, laziness, and suspicion. Different
characters were given these descriptions in the short-story. Hesitation is characterized by asking
too many questions to the one giving the order and not completing the task at hand. Laziness was
described as the lack of motivation to complete an instructed task. Suspicion was an odd
characteristic in my opinion as the one who was determined to be suspicious had been paranoid.
He was not liking to the given commands as tended to be paranoid of being oppressed by the
employer. Someone who cannot take simple commands and do them without first making a
wrongful accusation, towards the employer, that oppression was used against him should not be
given a job in the first place. As for someone who is lazy might be able to get a job, but chances
of that person keeping said job are minuscule. I can kind of relate to Rowan as he was hesitant
with the task by asking one too questions. Rowan though would be capable of completing the
task as instructed without asking as many question afterwards. The point the author is trying to
make was one that an employee should be able to be given an order and do it without any
unneeded further instructions. This type of employee is considered the best because if you want
something to be done they are usually accountable and have the responsibility to initiate the task
after being given said command or task. What the author is trying to say is that employees that
can be given a task and not have any hesitation, laziness, or suspicion is greatly desired by any
good employer seeking an adequate employee.
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