Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Page 116: Getting the Information Quickly
 The death of Kian delos Santos was finally given justice. They found out that a police was
responsible for his death. This is one of the outcomes of President Duterte’s platform “War
on drugs” and turned into an example of extrajudicial killing.
 Philippines has one of the highest HIV infection growth rates in the world. Even if the
anti-retroviral drug is free as of today, affected persons don’t want to seek treatment.
Page 117: Writing Effective Lead Sentences
1. Young Filipinos are supporting the ties between China and Philippines.
2. Filipinos showing triumph about the relationship of China and Philippines.
3. China and Philippines reopened the door of friendship and cooperation.
Recently, China and Philippines reopened the door of friendship and cooperation to each other,
bringing the real benefits to the peoples and making important contributions to stability, peace and
prosperity. China and Philippines agreed to lift ties for the betterment of both countries.
Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Page 118: Writing Feature Stories
Think of several subjects that you believe would make interesting feature stories. List these ideas
Body Image
Tourist destination
Upcoming events
Technology: Boon or bane?
In this modern generation covered with advanced technologies, using gadgets have been a part
of our daily lives. It became an integral part of everyday life. Technology has made our lives easy,
and changed our ways of living. Teenagers seem to be very hooked up with using gadgets
particularly in using social media sites. Yes, there is doubt that social media sites are very effective
in connecting to other people and in maximizing the source of information, but it also gave way to
the different sites that might lead people in doing immoral doings. Technology is powerful servant
but dangerous master.
Page 119: Creating New Movie Titles
Original Movie Titles
New Movie Titles
Fifty shades of Grey
The Maze Runner
The Labyrinth Runner
The shark
Wreck it Ralph 2
Destroy it Ralph 2
Flying high
Wreck it Ralph 2
Destroy it Ralph 2
Page 121: Recognizing Elements of Ads
Construct it Ralph 2
Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Consumer Benefit
Attention Getter
Business Placing ad
Advertisement page
Christmas tree lighting
And/Or Need
Back to back movies For more info please
and surprises
Sine Saya
Consumer Action
call: 09175373934
Advertisement page
Advertisement page
iPhone 6 bigger than Only P11,899.00
loc. 104
Everything’s 729
Save as much as 433
Dial #5-5-5-5-5
Page 122: Distinguishing Fact from Opinion
Statements of Fact
Statements of Opinion
showed This
My opinion
alarming The HIV case in the Philippines
940,000 deaths worldwide from particularly in the Philippines, has become frightening. We
full blown AIDS, with 1.8 where health experts say HIV should watch ourselves and
million new cases of HIC spreading as its fastest rate in have a check-up when you
infections, bringing to 36.9 the Asia-Pacific
think you have the symptoms.
million the number of people
living with the virus worldwide.
Statements of Fact
Statements of Opinion
My opinion
Emilio Aguinaldo is the first “Bonifacio was not the first I believe that Bonifacio contributed
President of the Philippines. president of the Philippines, but so much in the Philippine History. I
Andres Bonfacio is the leader rather we think of him as the
of Katipunan.
leader of Katipunan because for
one reason we don’t have our
own government to call our
own that time”, Commission
member Bryan Anthony Paraiso
consider him as the leader of
Katipunan and not as the first
President of the Philippines.
Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Page 123: Interpreting Editorial Cartoons
Message of the Cartoons Selected
The message of the editorial cartoon is to have our check-up if we feel we
have the symptoms for HIV because the present rate of the case is very
alarming in the Philippines. Our country is one of the highest rate of this
case worldwide.
Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Page 124: Analyzing The Editorials
What is the topic of the editorial?
-Fact, fiction and the PNP
What is the main idea and purpose of the editorial?
-It says that police officers are doing dirty work by kidnapping Korean businessman and
showing the dirty tactics of policemen in different situations. Policemen blame the TV show
“Ang Probinsyano” for damaging the image of police officers.
What are some important opinions from the editorial?
-It’s silly for the police to blame a work of fiction for allegedly causing unwanted damage o its
dignity and reputation. Any effort by the PNP to cleanse its ranks is commendable. But clearly.
It needs to do more, and it doesn’t include going after a TV show such as “Ang Probinsyano”
What is your opinion of the editorial?
-I think that it’s immature to blame a TV show for causing damage to their reputation when in
fact, there are really police officers doing dirty work just for the sake of money. They should
focus on their job rather than threatening to slap charges against a fictional TV series.
Letter to the editor
First of all, I would like to commend your courage in writing a very alarming issue of our
country. Through this letter, I want to show my concern in this issue. I am a first year college student
and personally, I agree with your editorial because there are really cases where policemen are the
ones doing dirty works. It is very disappointing that the men who are supposedly to be in-charge in
arresting criminals are criminals themselves.
I think that it is very smart to spread the reality through your editorial and I’m looking forward
for more editorials like this, no holds barred.
Yours truly,
Alyssa Jane B. Morales
Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Page 125: Looking at Significance of News
Significance To You, Your Family Or
News Story #1 Summary
Measles outbreak hits Sarangani; 17 dead
The alarming case of Measles has increased in
Sarangani and it has already killed 17. The
municipal health office chief said that around
This is to have an awareness to everyone to stay
alert in this case. It serves as a warning to all of
us to take care of ourselves and as well as to our
500 infants and children in the area were given
anti-measles vaccination to avoid further cases.
Significance To You, Your Family Or
News Story #2 Summary
Hiker dead after fall from Ilocos mountain
Tuguegarao, Cagayan- A mountaineer died when
he fell from a 50-meter slope on Mt. Tirad in Del
It serves as a warning for anybody to secure
safety, especially to those hikers who want to go
to Mt. Tirad.
Pilar, Ilocos Sur on Sunday.
Significance To You, Your Family Or
News Story #3 Summary
China and Philippines agreed to lift ties for This news is very important to let people know
stability, peace and prosperity. Both countries that there is something good happening in our
reopened the door of friendship for the country.
betterment of the two countries.
Morales, Alyssa Jane B.
Page 126: Deciding what is Newsworthy
Newsworthy Factor
Rody to fire another exec
Ex-Camarines Norte gov gets 8 years for graft
youth Importance
Brillante to take student film fest abroad
Senate probes influx of illegal foreign workers