New American Diplomacy Guided Reading Homework, pages 490-511

New American Diplomacy
Guided Reading Homework, pages 490-511
1. What is Anglo-Saxonism?
2. Who wrote “The Influence of Sea Power upon History”, calling for the expansion
of the military?
3. What happened to Hawaii during the late 1890s?
4. What were the TWO causes of the Spanish-American War?
5. Why did newspapers engage in yellow journalism?
6. What happened to the U.S.S. Maine?
7. What were the TWO fronts of the Spanish-American War?
8. Who was a major leader in the Philippines?
9. Who was a major leader of the Rough Riders?
10. What agreement said that Cuba would stay independent, but would still be tied to
the United States?
11. What was the name of the group that opposed annexing the Philippines?
12. What policy said that the United States could trade freely with China, even though
they didn’t have a “Sphere of Influence”?
13. What violent event happened as a result of Chinese resistance to foreign
14. What was Theodore Roosevelt’s foreign policy?
15. What was William Taft’s foreign policy?
16. What was Woodrow Wilson’s foreign policy?
17. What was the Great White Fleet?