Genesis narrative

Genesis narrative
What do we know about God so far
God alone created the world.
Creation narrative in Genesis 1-2
Nehemiah 9:6
Isaiah 66:1-2a
Colossians 1:16-17
God made us in His image.
Genesis 1:26-27
Psalm 149:2
Isaiah 54:5
• God came to find us.
• Genesis 3:8
• Isaiah 54:5-7
Transcendent and
God exists outside His creation an cannot be
approached or seen, but also interacts with it
and is personally involved with humankind’s
history, reaching out, seeking and bringing to
Himself people from all over the world.
Photo by Prof. Charles F. Horne / Public domain
Almighty and All
Sufficient God
El Shaddai
Photo by William Blake (1757–1827) / Public domain
God who sees
El Roi
Photo by William Blake (1757–1827) / Public domain
God of Justice
Genesis 6-8 shows us a God who
grieves His creation’s corruption,
iniquity and injustice against each
other and against creation; His
rightful decision to cleanse the
known world with a flood; and His
rightful choice to save a family by
bringing them into an ark.
• Genesis 18-19 shows us a God
who listens to the outcry against a
nation and His rightful decision to
judge their iniquity and injustice
with fire, but also we see a God
who listens to the intercession of a
righteous man and saves a family
by reaching out to them and
bringing them out of that place.
• Abraham decides to obey God, knowing that He had the
power to even resurrect his son.
• Isaac carries the wood for the sacrifice up the hill.
• Isaac willingly surrenders to the will of God.
The Father who surrenders
His son in sacrifice
The bells