AP Psych Chapter 8 hard stuff

AP Psychology
Chapter 8
Compared to older theories of emotion, the Schachter-Singer Theory (Two-factor) emphasizes
conscious thoughts over physiological changes, overt behaviors, and classical conditioning.
We do not use the words people use to interpret their feelings.
Characteristics of someone who is Lying:
1. Speaking more slowly
2. Take longer to respond to questions
3. Respond in less detail than those who are telling the truth
4. Less fluent
5. Less engating
6. More uncertain
7. Tenser
8. Less pleasant
Damage to the lateral hypothalamus (and thus Ghrelin production) causes starvation
Damage to the ventral hypothalamus (and thus Leptin production) causes overeating
Anorexia has nothing to do with ghrelin. Instead, the risk of anorexia increases until approximately age
30, thereafter it decreases.
According to the hedonic principle, pleasure exists independently of pain.