Homework for winter vacations

Homework for Grade 6, 7 and 8.
Grade 6
Bring 10 facts about Egypt and the Nile (History)
Name some of the most famous Glaciers of the world with pictures (Geography)
Grade 7
Who was Vasco da Gama? Bring 6 facts about him (History)
Write 100 words on relief rainfall with the help of internet. Also, make a diagram related to it.
Grade 8
Bring 6 facts regarding the world war 2 with the help of internet. (History)
What are the three layers of Earth? Draw a diagram and label it. (Geography)
Homework for Grade 9 and 10
Grade 9
In 1857, a number of sepoys refused to use the new cartridges at Meerut, near Delhi. The sepoys were
given long prison sentences and this led to a revolt in which their fellow sepoys marched on Delhi and
massacred all the British they could find. Things got worse for the British at Kanpur.
(a) What happened at the battle of Kanpur? [4]
(b) Why did Sir Syed Ahmad Khan found the Aligarh Movement? [7]
(c) ‘Punjabi has been promoted more than any other Pakistani regional language between 1947 and
1999.’ Give reasons why you might agree and disagree with this statement. [14]
Grade 10
In December 1971, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto became President with an overwhelming majority in the National
Assembly. However, India had just defeated Pakistan and East Pakistan had gained independence, so the
morale of Pakistan was low. One highlight, however, came in the Simla Agreement.
(a) Describe the Simla Agreement. [4]
(b) Why was Pakistan faced with a refugee problem in 1947? [7]
(c) Who of the following contributed the most to Pakistan’s domestic policies between 1948 and
(i) Liaquat Ali Khan;
(ii) Malik Ghulam Muhammad;
(iii) Iskander Mirza?
Explain your answer with reference to all three of the above. [14]