Black Panther Critique

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Critique of Black Panther Movie
After watching the Black Panther Movie, one realizes that it is a fictional Superhero
movie that is published by Marvel Comics. The movie in itself gives a reflection of the White
and Black People, and therefore tries to appreciate both the races regardless of the origin. It is
justified from the fact that there is an aspect of African representation of the Wakanda Nation.
The movie is directed to the impression of the African-American folk as superpowers. The
premiere of the movie was held on 29th of January 2018.
Drawing facts from the movie in question, the publisher of black panther must be in a
better position to avoid fictional stuff in the movie like the use of technology to hide the good
fortune of the fictional Africa Nation, Wakanda. The movie director argues that the movie is a
vehicle towards outlining the limitations of the 20th century Liberalism of the Whites in the
popular American Culture. It also illustrates the liberalism that is more inclusive in black
nationalism in this century.
The premise of the Wakanda fictional African Nation from the movie is under the
assumption that the continent is a representation of third world countries made up of illiterate
people. Though it is an assumption, reality also debunks the assumption too. The government
should therefore pay keen attention regarding the issues of immigration alongside religious
persecution in America as revealed by the movie. The basic elements have been clearly defined
in the movie with all characters allocated their roles to the later. The movie director of Black
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Panther, Ryan Coogler argues that the movie involved deep prior research as he spent the
Christmas holiday in the streets trying to gather satisfactory facts from its premiere dated 29th,
January 2018.