Distance-Time Graphs Drawing Worksheet

Time-distance graphs
For each of the following draw the travel graph on the axes provided. Remember to label your axes
and don’t forget to put a title
1) James walks to the shop from his home
which is 2km away; he does this in 15
He then is in the shop for 5 minutes and
then leaves and walks to school which is
3km away and takes 25 minutes.
Draw a time travel graph to show this
2) Rachel drives from her house to her sister’s which is 100km away. This takes her 1 hour. She
then is with her sister for half an hour.
She then leaves and goes to her brothers which is a further 50km away, this takes her 45
minutes. She then spend 45 minutes with her brother. Draw a time travel graph to show this
3) Tom runs 6 miles in 60 minutes. He turns runs another mile in 10 minutes, then walks for 20
minutes and covers another mile. He then runs a further mile in 5 minutes.Draw a time
distance graph for this journey
4) Karla walks from her house to her friend’s house which is 2 miles away. This takes her 20
minutes. After she has walked to her friends. She has to wait for 5 minutes whilst her friend
gets ready then they walk to the cinema which is a further 2 miles from her house. This takes
them 30 minutes. Draw a time distance graph for this journey