creative writting assignment

It’s toward the end of November in Michigan,(setting)and the rut is coming close to an
end.(expositipon) The deer are starting to slow down, and are awaiting the first snowfall.
Meanwhile, Keith is at the ranch by the warm fire planning the next day’s trip. Today he went
out but did not see a single thing, besides the song birds who kept him company, singing their
beautiful melody. This was very rare to have this type of day where the deer whereas silent as
students taking a test,(simile) the silence was killing him from the inside out.(personification) Up
in Michigan the days are getting shorter and ending around four, and the air is getting
colder.(mood) Keith and Alex are talking,(dialogue) Rob says (character1)"I think tomorrow will
be a good day, maybe we can harvest a big buck" Keith replies saying "I think so too". Little did
they know that the next day would be the best hunting of their lives. (dramatic irony)The next
morning at 5:30A.M. Keith and Alex’s brother Robert set out to go on the hunt. They sat in the
stand from morning till evening seeing at least 10 to 20 deer, they saw many does but only a few
small bucks. Finally just before dusk, they lay eyes on the biggest deer of their lives, Robert says
“if only he would get a little closer so that I could get a good shot on him”. All of the sudden out
of nowhere, the deer starts to run toward them at full speed and stops about 100 yards away
giving them a clear shot strait for the heart. The Animal did not know it but the end was
beginning to come close. Meanwhile Robert and Keith are still confused of to why the deer ran
towards them, and before he takes the shot he is shaking like a tree in a strong storm. Robert
lines up on him, and! BANG! He took the shot and hit him right in the lower chest. The deer runs
for what looks to be about 300 yards cross field. Now the search for the animal begins, in the
darkness of the night it will be hard to find the animal, but they try to anyway. After searching
for approximately 2 hours they discover the location of the animal. The deer ran and collapsed
by an old fallen tree hidden by the massive branches. The final process begins of cleaning and
eating the animal, after feildressing the animal they bring the hide to a taxidermist and cut up the
meat and put the meat in the freezer. Keith and Robert begin to talk, Robert says “I’m glad we
went through all that trouble just to get this animal” Keith responds saying “I Shure am happy
you got the one you wanted”
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