Final Project for Climate and Weather C Sharp

Chiquita Sharp
Formatting Example for Final Project Write-up
List the three discussion posts, your forecasts, in bullets here:
Forecast 1
Hi, I’m meteorologist Chiquita Sharp, reporting with the National Weather Channel Storm
Reporting Team. The Tropical Storm previously reported as of 11 PM EDT Sunday. . is now
reportedly moving closer to the South Eastern Bahamas. New Tropical Storm Watches and
Warnings issued for Southern Florida are possible within the watch area. Generally within 36
hrs. The storm will be moving over the South Eastern and Central Bahamas tonight and Monday.
The estimated minimum central pressure is 1002 MB...29.59 inches. It is expected to produce
total rainfall to produce total rainfall accumulations of 4 to 6 inches. Isolated maximum amounts
of 8 inches. Storm surge flooding of 6 to 8 ft above normal tide levels along with large and
dangerous battering waves. Can be expected near in the Florida Keys. Coastal storm surge
flooding of 3 to 5 feet will be possible. Movement of the tropical storm will begin around 11 PM
W-NW NEAR 10 MPH. Maximum Sustained Winds 50 MPH.
Forecaster Chiquita Sharp
Forecast 2
Hi, I’m meteorologist Chiquita Sharp, reporting with the NHC's forecast. The tropical storm has
induced hurricane warnings, which have been extended along the Florida West Coast to the East
Coast. A hurricane warning will also remain in effect for the Exumas and Andros Island in the
NW Bahamas. The storm is moving toward the W-NW Near 14 MPH 22 KM/Hr. Sustained
winds are near 70 MPH. 110 KPH with an increase in wind gusts. This storm could develop
into a Category 2 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Scale as it Approaches the Florida
Keys. The storm that is currently being tracked is expected to produce total rainfall
accumulations of 4 to 6 inches over the Central Bahamas. Maximum rainfall in isolated areas is
expected to be about 8 inches. Rainfall accumulations of 3 to 6 inches are possible for Eastern
Cuba. Storm totals of 6 to 10 inches with isolated maximum amounts of 15 inches and will
possibly make landfall in the Florida Keys and Central and NW Cuba with 3 to 5 inches possible
across the Southern Florida Peninsula. The 11 PM EDT position of 23.3 N 77.8 W Movements
toward W-NW near 14 MPH.
We will be right back!
Good evening everyone, Chiquita Sharp here reporting on the trajectory of this Category 2
hurricane. A three-day track of the storm at 10:00 PM Daylight Time 48 hrs. The Center of the
Hurricane was located near latitude 24.6 N Longitude 87.2 W or about 570 miles E-SE of
Galveston, TX. Tides are currently running near normal along the Mississippi and Louisiana
Coasts. Tides in those areas will increase up to 3 to 4 feet and be accompanied by large waves
over the next 24 hrs and residents there could experience some coastal flooding. Heavy rains
associated with this storm are forecast to begin to affect heavy rains associated with this storm
are forecast to begin to affect the Western and Central Gulf of Mexico Coastal Areas Thursday
night into Friday. Repeating the 10 PM CDT Position 24.6 N 87.2 W Movement toward W near
Chiquita Sharp
9 miles/hr. Maximum sustained winds 175 MPH — Minimum Central Pressure. We ask that you
be safe, take cover, and try and remain connected to weather providing a station for to the second
reports of the hurricane.
Forecaster Chiquita Sharp
Forecast 3
Hello everyone hopes you'll are still covered. We have another update the hurricane is moving
toward the Northwest area near 12 MPH and 19 KM/HR toward Texas and Louisiana. Maximum
winds are 120 miles per hour with high gusts reported. The storm is a category 3. The storm is
not expected to increase in strength before landfall tomorrow but will gradually weaken after it
moves. Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 84 miles and 140 kilometers. A wind gust
up to 74 miles per hour was just recently reported at Lake Charles Louisiana. Rainfall is
expected to be 10 to 25 inches over the next day. Please. We ask that you take to cover this
hurricane is very dangerous we ask to call 911 if it's an emergency or safety number.
By Sunday mid-day should be getting showers if the hurricane has made landfall which we hope
the hurricane will make landfall. I'm Chiquita Sharp giving you the final forecast hope everyone
stays safe to get in a safe area if you have any questions or concerns don't hesitate to call we will
be back with you'll shortly be safe.
Forecaster Chiquita Sharp
It was not easy to project forecasting initially. However, after searching the web for a few
examples, the assignment became easier to complete. It was neither highly enjoyable nor
dissatisfying to project a tropical cyclone, transition into a hurricane. I recognize now that
meteorologists’ jobs are complicated not just with the loss of infrastructure to provide coverage
of impending storms, but also the methods to determine storm strength, distance from landfall,
and precipitation type and or amount are not altogether easy. Though technology has increased to
report raw measurements, a meteorologist has to predict and project storms’ development
accurately. My forecast was very accurate, partly due to my using search engines to find
similarities in the reported data. Therefore it aligned with the data presented by the National
Weather Service’s (NSW) forecast. From the discussion board for weeks 7-9, it appeared that
most of the class followed the same idea that I had. Many students’ data seem to derive from a
quick query on google that revealed to them the storm that was in question. I did not know the
tropical storm name until after the google query and was very surprised to recognize the storm
from recent history.
In summary, the project exposed me to the technicalities associated with discerning
weather patterns and conditions. In the case of tracking tropical storms, it is key to monitor
certain features that may be associated with the development of cyclones and or hurricanes —
Hurricane Rita, like many before her and after devastated a region of the United States that has
had a lasting economic impact on that region. The growing strength of tropical storms has
increased the need for understanding and awareness of not just tracking, but also monitoring the
conditions associated with the advancement of storms.
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