12 Angry Men questions

12 Angry Men
1. What is the background of the crime committed?
2. How old is the individual on trial?
3. When the jury begins the deliberation process, Is it a unanimous vote?
4. Why does the one individual not agree with the rest of the group?
5. What do the remaining jury members do to try and convince him otherwise?
6. What does the “opposing” jury member say he would have done if he was the boy on
7. What does the “opposing” jury member pull out of his pocket?
8. What happens with the second round of voting?
9. Name at least two of the jury members professions. Do you feel like their professions
have anything to do with their viewpoints on the case?
10. Why do they feel the old man may be lying? Give an example.
11. What happens on the third vote?
12. Why does one jury member request to see a diagram of the apartment?
13. Nine of the jurors claim they have _____________ doubt
14. What is the point the jurors are trying to make with discussing the women’s dyed hair
and marks on her nose?
15. What ultimately happens to the vote?
16. Describe the attitude of the juror/s voting guilty at this point in the movie
17. What does the picture in the juror’s pocket show?
18. How do things change amongst the jury members throughout the time they spend
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