density lab day 1 ppt

Aim: How do some objects
sink or float in water?
L. Objective: I can understand the purpose of
today’s investigation and will write a testable
hypothesis as well as complete a background
research on the problem in hand.
Do Now
• We know anything that is heavy than water will sink in the water then
why do boats or ships float in the water?
Liquid Layers
• If you pour together liquids that don’t mix and
have different densities, they will form liquid
• The liquid with the highest density will be on the
• The liquid with the lowest density will be on the
Write the purpose of your Experiment
• Use your background knowledge and explain your reasoning about
the question in hand.
Observe the given scenario and write
down what you think will be the solution
of this experiment based on your
Use chrome books- Do a background research
on this topic of density of candy bars.
Identify Variables in this experiment
• Dependent Variable- What we measuring
• Independent variable- What we changes
• Constants- Stays the same.
write the procedure how would you complete
this experiment and get ready to share
•Do a little background search on the
density of candies or any object and
make sure you collect information.