density lab day 2 ppt

Aim: How do some objects
sink or float in water?
L. Objective: I can complete my lab investigation
procedure to find the density.
And to prove if my hypothesis was supported or
rejected by the experiment data.
Write the purpose of your Experiment
• How would you make this investigation a fair
Read the procedure
• How do we find the mass of an object?
• How do we find the volume of an object?
• What is the formula to calculate density?
Lets start the procedure
• Remove the wrappers from the candy bars and place them on the paper towel. On the paper towel, write the name
beside each type of candy bar.
• 2. Fill the empty beaker about half full with tap water.
• 3. Using the triple beam balance, measure the mass for each candy bar. Record your measurements in the data table
• 4. Carefully measure the length, width, and height of each candy bar. Record your measurements in the table below.
• 5. Calculate the volume of each candy bar using the formula V = L x W x H. Record your calculations in the table.
6. Calculate the density for each candy bar using the data from the table.
Milk Way – mass = _______________ = _______________ volume
3 Musketeers - mass = _________________ = ________________ volume
7. Based on your density calculation for each candy bar, and knowing that the density of water is 1.0g/cm3 - would you
like to change your prediction? If so, change it now.
• Data Candy Bar
• Milky Way
• 3 Musketeers
Mass (g) Length
Volume cm3
Density g/cm3
• Observations
• 1. One at a time, place each candy bar in the beaker of water. Record
your observation below. (floats or sinks)
• The Milky Way _________________________ in water.
• The 3 Musketeers _______________________ in water.
• What can you say now about your hypothesis based on your data?
• Complete data tables and write a
revised procedure for your final lab