TKAM first half quiz

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TKAM Quiz – You may use your books!!
4. Which of the following statements best describes the town of Maycomb and most of its
A. relaxed, happy, and open-minded
B. balanced, forward-thinking, and progressive
C. modern, energetic, and fast-paced
D. old, poor, and slow-moving
6. Who is the mother figure for Scout and Jem in the novel?
A. Atticus
B. Miss Maira
C. Calpurnia
D. Mayella
14. What can the reader infer from the line below?
“By the time we reached our front steps Walter had forgotten he was a Cunningham.”
A. Walter was able to suspend his family’s high expectations long enough to dine at the
Finch household.
B. Walter felt ashamed that his family was too poor to provide for his lunch.
C. Calpurnius would not appreciate Jem and Scout inviting Walter over for lunch.
D. Jem had made Walter feel welcome, which prevented him from feeling inferior.
15. Calpurnia reprimands Scout and forces her to eat in the kitchen because…
A. Scout was slurping her milk loudly in an attempt to entertain their guest.
B. Scout was rude to Walter Cunningham by questioning why he drenched his food in
C. Scout was smart-mouthed toward Calpurnia by questioning her grammar in front of a
D. Scout made fun of Calpurnia’s cooking.
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19. When Scout’s tire ride veers out of control and into the Radley’s yard, what event happens
that convinces her of Boo Radley’s existence?
A. She catches a glimpse of a person standing in the front window watching them.
B. She hears a low laugh coming from inside the house.
C. She sees Boo’s name carved into the column at the base of the front porch.
D. She feels a hand reach out and stop the tire before it crashes into the steps.
27. What is Atticus’s reply when Scout questions the reasoning of defending Tom Robinson
even though he knows he will lose the case?
A. “Simply because we were licked a hundred years before we started is no reason for
us not to try to win.”
B. “I’d be disbarred from practicing law if I didn’t at least pretend to defend this man,
C. “It’s not about win or lose; it’s about how you play the game.”
D. “I will never manage to get us out of this sad little town if I don’t win this case. You
understand that, don’t you?”
32. Why does Atticus believe it is a sin to kill a mockingbird?
A. because mockingbirds are scavengers that benefit the food chain
B. because mockingbirds are described in the Bible as birds of paradise
C. because mockingbirds are the national bird of the United States
D. because mockingbirds don’t do a single thing except make music to be enjoyed
_______ 11. When Calpurnia takes the children to her church they discover which of the following?
a. Cal’s church looks just like the church they attend
b. Cal’s church doesn’t meet weekly
c. Cal’s church doesn’t have hymn books
d. Cal’s church doesn’t sing songs
_______ 12. Overall, how are the children welcomed at Calpurnia’s church?
a. Everyone ignores the children
c. Everyone is mean to them
b. The people ask the children to leave
d. It’s an honor to have Atticus’ children at their church
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_______ 13. Why does Aunt Alexandra come to live with the Finch’s?
a. Her house burnt down
b. Atticus is busy with the trial and could use the extra help
c. She is lonely at home
d. She misses the children and wants to spend quality time
_______ 14. Scout finds Dill under her bed after which event?
a. She just got home from school
b. She just woke up and was going to the bathroom
c. She was cleaning her room
d. She and Jem were fighting
_______ 15. Dill ran away from home for which of the following reasons?
a. He missed Scout and Jem
b. He was being ignored and mistreated at home
c. He wanted to join the circus
d. He missed Aunt Rachel
_______ 17. Why does Atticus “sit guard” in front of the jailhouse?
a. Men want to free Tom Robinson
b. Men want to kill Tom Robinson
c. His part time job is a security guard
d. He likes to read alone in the dark
_______ 18. How does Scout “save” her father and Tom Robinson?
a. She kicks the men in the shins
b. She runs to get Heck Tate
b. She cries and the men feel guilty
d. She starts a conversation with Mr. Cunningham