Reefe Workshop Practice Essay

Johanna Reefe
P. ⅔, ⅚
Workshop Practice on My Logos Essay
The study of logical, or logos, comes from people like Aristotle or Playdough. Logical is
a good way to look at the story “A Modest Proposal” because it helps you see what Swift want
you to see - logic. Logic helps make the story clear. Pathos do not work on this.
First, logical work to help yyou see the write way of looking at eating babys. I think Swift
idea good, he need to do this in all country. I also think Swift convince readers to fix the poor
people by sellingg kids. This help everyone because more food to eat and less people hungry
becuase they got more moreny and less kids and now all are happy. That why logic good way
to look at Swift’s story.