Goals and aspirations

Goals and aspirations
Remember playing school with your siblings and the
oldest always being the teacher and bossing you around.
Well that was me, I was the one being the teacher!
Growing up I was full of dreams, aspirations, and
goals. Some faded while others grew stronger, as did I. As
an elementary school child I wanted to be a teacher. Years
later I still do! When I started to take algebra one it hit
me! Right then and there, I knew I wanted to be a math
teacher. I realized my aspirations were to impact, inspire,
and influence the young teens of this upcoming
generation and generations to come. I wanted to impact to
make a difference, I see it as a way I can give back as
teachers have to me. I want to inspire teens to think
outside of the box and form their own way of thinking,
especially with problem solving. I want to influence
students to make the right choice and continue loving
math the way I do. The main reason I chose to pursue
math and teaching with math was my own high school
geometry teacher. He inspired me to work harder and
follow my dreams, and I can’t wait to do the same for my
future students. I want to be the teacher and person a
student can come to with their troubles, when they are
angry, happy, sad. I want to be the teacher who they can
come to for anything they need. I can’t wait to be this
person and help empower students like I was.
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