Proposal for Hall 3 Activities-Jiaying-3

Proposal for Hall 3 Activities
Jiaying, YAN
DIY Phone Case Workshop
1. Target Participants:
 Those who want a phone case that can demonstrate their
unique personality
 Those who want to learn making phone case
 Those who want to give their friend a special gift but lacking
2. Aims
After this workshop, participants would be able to:
 Make a phone case by themselves
3. Date
 Mon/Wed/Thu
 Negotiable (30-Sep-2018/7-Oct-2018)
 Estimated time: 2 hours (8:30-10:30 p.m.)
4. Capacity
 10 Quota (Pre-registration is needed to get the phone brand for
the preparation of tailored materials)
5. Expected Budget
 Around 200 HKD (Shipping fee and materials fee, depending on
the phone brand of the participants)
6. Action Plan/Flow
1) A brief introduction of the usage of tools
2) Advice on designing personal phone case
3) Step by step guidance of making phone case