British Slang

British Slang
1. Mate – another word for ‘friend’.
“How are you, mate?”
2. Alright – Are you alright? How are you?
“Y’alright mate?”
3. Blatant – something that is painfully obvious.
“It was blatant that she wasn’t listening to me.”
4. Cheers / Nice one / Ta – another word for ‘thank you.’
“Cheers / Nice one / Ta… for the lift!”
5. Gutted – when you’re upset or disappointed after something bad happened.
“I was gutted that England didn’t beat Germany at the World Cup.”
6. Gobsmacked – when you’re shocked about something.
“I was gobsmacked when he told me that!”
7. Dodgy – something that is unreliable, often illegal.
“That shelf looks a bit dodgy…”
8. Tosh – another word for ‘rubbish’.
“What a load of tosh.”
9. Chin-wag – another way of saying ‘chat’.
“I bumped into Sue and we had a chin-wag.”
10. Crap – another word for ‘rubbish’, although sometimes used in place of more
severe swear words.
“Oh crap! I forgot my keys!”
11. Hunky-dory – when everything is going well.
“My day has been hunky-dory, and your’s?”
12. Dog’s dinner – when something is really good.
“Last night was the dog’s dinner.”
13. Kip – a slang word for a nap.
“I’m going to have a quick kip, see you in 20 minutes.”
14. Flog – to sell something.
“Did you manage to flog your car?”
15. Faffing – to dither around, waste time.
“Stop faffing around, we’ll miss the bus!”
16. Donkey’s years – a really long time.
“I haven’t seen him in donkey’s years.”
17. Gobby – someone who is loud and opinionated.
“She’s just so gobby, always picking fights.”
18. Porkies – from the Cockney Rhyming slang ‘pork pies’ which means ‘lies’. Another
way of saying ‘lies’.
“He’s been telling porkies again…”
19. Budge up – another way of telling someone to move or make room for you on a
“Budge up, I want to sit down.”
20. Fine / Fit – good looking
“He’s / she’s fine / fit.”
21. Safe, sorted, sound, cool or wicked - That’s good or I understand.
P1 - “I’ll meet you for a drink later.” P2 – “Safe.”
Cockney Rhyming Slang
Butchers hook (Have a butchers) – Look
Apples and pears – stairs
Me old China plate. You could also just say 'me ol' China - Mate / Friend
Cows & kisses – Missus (Mrs/Wife)
Trouble and strife - wife
Dicky bird - word
Dinky doos – Shoes
Dog and bone – phone (Give me a bell on the ole dog and bone)
Brown bread – dead
Bubble bath – laugh
Baked potato – See you later
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