2.1 Water Supply

2.1.1 Reliability the adequacy and dependence of water sources is very important and must be fully determined with the right allowances for future reliability.

2.1.2 Source any sufficient water in quality, quantity and pressure can be used to provide a water supply for a fire pump.

If the water supply from the PDAM does not have enough quality, quantity and pressure, alternative water sources need to be provided. the adequacy of the water supply must be determined and reviewed the specifications and installation of the fire pump.

2.1.3 Surface

Minimum water levels from wells or wet holes must be determined by pumping at not less than 150% of the fire pump capacity

2.1.4 Stored Supply stored supplies must be sufficient to meet the needs placed on them for the expected period of time and a reliable way to complete the supply must be provided

-----------------From SNI 03-6570-2001-------------------

5.5 Requirements for dry standpipe systems

5.5.1 dry standpipes must be used only if the piping is especially if the water can freeze

5.5.2 dry standpipes must not be used for class II or class III systems

-----------------From SNI 03-1745-2000-------------------