Application of Functions Presentation rubric

Names of Group Members:
Industry Application of Functions Presentation
In this presentation, you are going to present your research discovery based on the
group work which involves finding the application of functions in industry e.g.
finance, stock market, computer science, space science, statistics… CHOOSE
TWO functions in TWO industries.
Use PPT slides to assist your work, you need to tackle the following questions in
your presentation:
 Which function or functions are involved in the chosen industry? Introduce
the history of function if possible. K/U 10 T/I 10 C 5
 The function can help to solve what kind of problem in that industry? A 20
T/I 10
 What will happen if the function is not applied? C 10
 State your understanding of the relationship of function and industry in
terms of efficiency and accuracy. A 10 C 15
Names of Group Members: