Slow Reader


Slow Reader By Vicki Feaver

He can make a sculpture and fabulous machines, invent games, tell jokes, give solemn, adult advice- but he is slow to read. When I take him on my knee with his Ladybird book he gazes into the air, sighing and shaking his head like an old man who knows the mountains are impassible. He toys with words, letting them go cold as gristly meat, until I relent and let him wriggle free: a fish returning to its element, or a white-eyed colt-shying from the bit *- who sees that if he takes it in his mouth he'll never run quite free again.

I Love Reading Books By Kevin Seales

I read books, because they take me places Inside when I look, I see so many faces Detective stories, there are so many cases Oh how I love reading books When I'm at home, I read two or three books My mom says, she thinks that I'm totally hooked You would be too, if you would only look Oh how I love reading books My dad says, kevin why don't you slow down There's plenty of books here, from the ceiling to the ground You read them like candy, you gobble them by the pound Oh how you love reading books I find them fascinating, exciting, a tool I learn about a lot of things that I don't learn in school I'd rather read books than learn how to be cool Oh how I love reading books In these books I learn so many things Look at the knowledge that these books can bring I even read one book, and it taught me how to sing Oh how I love reading books So if someone says, that reading books is for girls They don't understand that reading rocks my world It lifts me, spends me, sends me in a twirl Oh how I love reading books If they don't see now, they will in due time I'll let them read one of these great books of mine And after they finish, they won't be so blind Then they'll say, I love reading books