list of movies

- creation (ian)
- theory of everything (louella)
- soul surfer (jamea)
- heneral goyo (jamea)
- the pursuit of happyness (louella)
- white chicks (jamea)
- super parental guardians (jamea)
- die beautiful (ian)
- crazy rich asians (ian)
-four sisters and a wedding (louella)
- coco (ian)
- moana (louella)
- a mother's story (louella)
- way back home (jamea)
- magnifico (ian)
- heneral luna (jamea)
- titanic (ian)
- hidden figures (louella)
- les miserables (louella)
- bonifacio (louella)
- black panther (jamea)
- enders game (jamea)
- maze runner (ian)
- wall e (ian)
- kokey (louella)
The movie focuses on the personal life of Charles Darwin and how it was affected by his
scientific endeavours. The cinematography is well done, it is historically accurate, and the
performances are sound. For one who wants to understand the man behind the theories, it is
great! I believe was a thoughtful, well-made film that will change many views of Darwin held by
the public—for the good. This film is definitely worth seeing.
Die Beautiful is a gem in Filipino cinema. This film is about the life of Trisha, from childhood
until adulthood. This is a comedy, it's funny without being offensive or overly dramatic. It is far
from the typical slapstick and low blow jokes we see these days. The story does not disappoint
either. It is relevant to the issues important in the world today and very heartwarming. Each
one of us can relate at one point or another. A film of love—friendship, romantic, and familial.
Definitely worth your 2 hours.
The film is not just a new Asian American story writ large, finally, after a quarter century in
which the only way you could really find Asian American–centered fare on the big screen was in
smaller indie releases. It’s not just another historical marker to be crossed in the industry’s
glacial push toward greater inclusivity and toward more Asian American visibility in particular.
Crazy Rich Asians is remarkable largely because it is a swoony, lavish fantasy, a movie made
with the basic assumption that people will see it not just because they should, because of its
importance, but because they will want to, because of the pleasure and the emotional journey
it offers. It is a good time.
Coco is that sort of family film that figures out how to handle a dubious subject with heart and
sensibility. Disney and Pixar have scored amazingly, one more great visual accomplishment
here, yet this one is especially outstanding for the manner in which it utilizes Latin American
culture to investigate topics of death and recognition. Outwardly "Coco" is a delighting motion
picture. The iconography of Mexico's Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is utilized with
tastefulness and fun, catching the custom's special blend of recognition and festivity. The sort
of sentiment related with Latin people culture is perfectly celebrated with emotional vitality.
Yet, this is a cordial motion picture that tests further into the importance of family and
freedom. It jumps into Mexican culture with much energy and euphoric music, however its
story has a widespread power.
A Filipino cinematic gem that went largely unnoticed during its commercial run. A Palancawinning story, masterful directing and great acting from just about everyone in the cast, but
most specially child actors Jiro Manio, Isabella de Leon and the boy who played Manio's best
friend, combine for a viewing experience you will remember long after the credits roll. Poverty
and death do not beg for sympathy and tears in this movie, but they are likely to fall just the
Titanic, the most expensive movie ever created about what was once the largest moving object
ever built. It is said 'Titanic' is the film with the most continuity errors of all films. Despite this,
though, the film was indeed a masterpiece. The sheer scale of the sets and entire production
were simply mind blowing! The sinking of the Titanic was the greatest ship sinking scene EVER
and was done with such meticulous detail that one would think they actually really sunk the
ship. Off course, that was not the case, though, as it were all (very elaborate) sets, most of
which were destroyed during the making of the film.
Death cure
In "The Death Cure," the "Maze Runner" pushes it to the limit and ultimately ends up spent.
The sheer scope of the film's third act is breathtaking, featuring children on a perilously
dangling bus and a massive guerrilla uprising fought in the streets. Ball and screenwriter Nowlin
keep a tight grip on the tone and the relentless pace, but they often back the story and
characters into corners that only an unlikly occurence can fix. By the time the third or fourth
savior swoops out of the sky, it's just too obviously contrived and a little bit lazy, from a writing
Scorch Trials
The Maze Runner has been in free-fall and the repetitious, narratively shabby second
installment puts the saga in danger of becoming a flop. With minimal plot development and far
too much running around in dark corridors, The Scorch Trials has a poor story: filler ratio. And
much of what happens is poorly thought-out. The visuals of a blasted city are impressive but
hardly reason to spend $10 to sit in a theater seat and watch a bunch of underdeveloped
characters get chased by zombies for an inordinate amount of time.
Disregard incredible Pixar film, this is only an extraordinary sci-fi film period. The title character
and Eve make for a charming couple. Children will appreciate the charmingly entertaining traps
while grown-ups will be taken in by the film's shockingly dull and gnawing social critique
(obesity, corporate greed, environmentalism). Each scene from the destroy Earth to the
tremendousness of space overflows with the absolute most wonderful activity resolved to film.
The robot characters are all around planned and figure out how to charm with almost no
discourse. 'Wall- E' is an endearing romantic tale joined with an incredible science fiction story
and it remains a demonstration of why Pixar is extraordinary compared to other things to ever
happen to film.
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