STI’s and the Reproductive System

Pg. 486- 490
POS Checklist….
 You will;
 explain how sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can
interfere with fertility and
 reproduction; e.g., chlamydia, gonorrhea, human
papilloma virus.
What is an STI
 Infection caused by bacteria, viruses and parasites
 Transmitted mainly by sexual contact
 AIDS: acquired immunodeficiency syndrome
 HIV: human immunodeficiency virus
 HIV attacks the helper T cells as this happens the body
becomes more susceptible to infection and sickness
 There is no cure only treatment to prolong life
 Three types of viral infection A, B, C
 Hep A is contracted through contaminated drinking
water (fecal material)
 Hep C is transferred by blood to blood contact
 Hep B is transferred through sexual contact.
Symptoms begin as flulike but can progress to a liver
infection, liver failure, liver cancer or death. Some
people are carriers they show no symptoms but still
transmit the disease.
Genital Herpes
 Very common viral STI (estimated 1 in 3 people)
 Two known viruses Herpes simplex 1 and 2.
 HSV 1 commonly causes infections around the mouth
(cold sores)
HSV 2 is sexually transmitted causes blisters and sores
Person is most contagious when a sore is present but
can pass on the disease at any time.
Mothers with herpes have a C-section to prevents
serious complications
No cure
Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
 Genital warts transmitted by skin contact
 Many people show no symptoms
 Has been linked to increased rates of cervical cancer in
women and tumors
 Vaccine available
 Bacterial infection that 75% of people show no
 If not treated it can lead to pelvic inflammatory
disease and infertility
 Treated with antibiotics
 Bacterial infection
 Causes infection of the cervix, urethra, rectum and
 Symptoms are pain when urinating and a thick
greenish yellow discharge from the urethra
 Treated with antibiotics
 Bacterial infection characterized by three stages
 1. ulcerated sores near infection site
 2. rash
 3. attack to the cardiovascular system and nervous
 May lead to mental illness, blindness, heart disease
and destructive ulcers
 Treated with antibiotics
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