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Development Portfolio
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Career Management Reflective Report
In life people work towards achieving a suitable and sustainable life for better fulfillment, growth and
financial stability thus we are bound to develop and manage the career we dream of. According to […]
career management is the continuous planning of one’s activities that involves choosing and setting personal
goals and formulating strategies for achievement. Therefore this report will explain my career goal, how I
plan to manage it, what my motivation is, and how the experience I have gained in the MBA program has
re-shaped my thinking.
My primary goal is to work towards owning a non-profit organization to help the less privilege this dream
has been a career goal I natured from a young age. I come from […]where poverty is rampant due to the
low economic standards, and I grow up watching people suffer due to this fact. As a result, I join several
non- profit organization which strengthen my passion and give me a brief understanding of how such
organization works. I further created a local association at my workplace which sponsors children’s
elementary education, but the organization could not succeed for an extended period because it lacked the
right management and leadership. Moreover, as Administrative management at my company, I discovered
I lack […] Hence I decided to [….]
To gain the knowledge and experience, I needed to further my education in to increase my managerial
expertise and international communication. A well-shaped managerial mindset will strengthen and easy my
understanding of how to manage and create an organization while global communication will widen my
opportunity to share my career dreams and experience how other non-profit organizations work. Therefore
there are steps of how I plan to attain my career goals [….]
As mentioned above, acquiring more knowledge on leadership and managerial skills is significant for the
progression of my career. Moreover, non-profit organizations are mostly run by the foreign organization;
therefore, acquiring international education and experience widen and deepens my opportunities and
understanding of different theories and practice regarding my field of interest.
Studying MBA was reasonable and worth-taking because [….] enhance my [….] Furthermore, the MBA
course involves training individuals on business aspects such as appropriate leadership, time management,
analyses situation and create possible solutions and also specific fields like finance, human resources,
business analysis. Hence this MBA program is a stepping stone in developing my leadership and managerial
skills which is useful to support me to lead and manage my organization efficiently and effectively.
Business Conference Reflective Report
The MBA conference project was one of the primary objectives of our leadership class. All the workshops
we had from the beginning of the course program were designed to preparing us for the business conference.
The conference was aimed at seeing how well we had gained knowledge and develops our leadership skills,
management learning process and teamwork. Therefore, the entire MBA/MA student had to manage and
plan the business conference successfully. Thus I will briefly discuss the steps we took to ensure a successful
To get a general understanding of how to create a successful project, we formed groups of five and outlined
the steps necessary to attain a successful project which was guided by our lecturer. Furthermore, we shared
our ideas and discussed why each step was important and worth taking and the results we expected to
achieve. After this widespread and well-understood activity, we began preparing for our primary goal which
was the business conference.
According to […], a successful business conference is developing a vision with realizable and measurable
goals that are maintained and supported by detailed of the event which includes;
Establishing the conference
We began by voting the general managers and other managers for the different committees (communication,
facility, finance and marketing).in the end, we had five managers but one more manger was added due to
previous experience concurrently, we were given the opportunity to choose the committee we were the best
fit for.
Moving to the most crucial aspect of the business conference which is the theme, we had a lengthy debate
on what was appropriate, but finally, the subject with majority vote was chosen. In the beginning, [….]
Regardless the difficulty we faced, [….] Students were seriously engaged but were later distracted because
of the one week spring break which was full of dateline for assignments and travelling plans. Consequently
were lack effective communication and feedbacks which was planned. In addition to this problem [….]
Furthermore, [….] As a result of the ineffectiveness of the business processes, the general manager asked
individuals [….] In addition to our business task, we agreed to bring five participate each because it was
challenging to get participant through social media. Resulting from the appropriate adjustment made all
committee are integrating, functioning and communicating as expected.
At the beginning of the business process I thought [….]. However, through the preparation stage, I have
learnt and experienced […] I learn that [….] Also, [….] All of this experience I gathered from the
preparatory phase made me understand that […] The preparation phase of this business conference has given
me [….] In future I plan to guide my thinking and actions by the lessons acquire from the business
conference process regarding [….] Besides, [….]The experience gained will be helpful not only for
organizing a conference but also for my career dreams of owning a non-profit organization.
3) Team Dynamic Reflective Report
According to [….] teamwork is the process whereby a group of an individual having the same objectives
brings in collaborative efforts to complete and achieve a mission in the most efficient and resourceful way
possible. Attaining the desirable goal in team work is quite challenging because it involves individuals with
different mindsets, priorities and cultural beliefs. [….] asserts that the involvement of diverse individuals
working together as a team for common goal brings challenges such as poor communication, conflict and
low engagement. Thus in this reflection, I will share my experience and personal development working with
a team during my MBA program.
My MBA program was full of team discussions, presentation and business conferences organized by my
class. These activities were made compulsory because it aimed at developing student’s communication and
managerial skills resulting from the emphasis laid on benefits of teamwork by the business world. According
to [….] teamwork maximizes the effectiveness of an organization by harmonizing different minds towards
a common focus.
Studying as a team was challenging for me because [….] Due to the continuous presentation, my confidence
and communication skill was built, [….] Besides during the Leadership, Personal Development & Career
Management module, Belbin’s team role model was discussed. And from this model (consists of nine roles)
we understood that for a successful team, the strengths and weaknesses of the team members should be
considered (Belbin, 2010). During my teamwork’s I experience that applying Belbin model [….]
Fig 1 Nine Belbin team role
From the questionnaire answered my results showed my role is [….]
According to [….] , cross-cultural teamwork comprises of mutual learning, understanding and teaching.
Expose to individuals with different beliefs, perspective and behavior improved my awareness and
managerial skills also my mindset was build towards collectivism. Regardless this drastic improvement I
need to learn more about different cultures to enhance my manner of addressing people which are termed
4) Personal Leadership Development
Before doing an MBA program, I observed I lacked the skill of [….] . Throughout the MBA course and
business conference preparation, my leadership quality has improved. Regardless I have the weakness which
needs to be overcome to be a good leader.
My leadership development grow as a result of continues workshops. Where the lecturers made us reflect,
discuss and share individual ideas on the different types of leadership. These activities help me to understand
what administration was about and that leadership is dependent on the objective we aim at achieving.
Furthermore, doing a portfolio of transformational leadership deep as well as widen my understanding and
awareness of how a good leader is perceived in the world.
During the business conference my leadership further advanced because [….] However I had many
shortcomings and difficulties in many aspects regarding my leadership skills which need to be improve like
According to [….] a transformational leader is one who creates a trustworthy atmosphere, confident,
focuses mindset and surpasses their self-interest for the common good of their goal. As mention above I
lack the essential qualities of being the ideal transformational leadership, therefore, I need to improve my
shortcomings. This is very important for me because as I aspire to own a non-profit organization, I need to
portray and have the quality of a transformational leader to inspiration, or empathy my engage employee
and run a successful organization. To develop my interpersonal skill, I plan to overcome my shortcomings
by adapting the transformational concepts, and it will be mention as follows:[….]
According to [….] efficiency and productivity of implementing a task are by managing time. Therefore, if
a leader can manage time he is 99% sure of a successful result.
To improve this ability, I will [….] Becoming a transformational leader is a long process that involves
academic knowledge and contact practices. Therefore [….]
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