Module 1 Review Questions

Review Question #1: A force of 45kg pushes a body to move horizontally at a distance of 4
meters at a uniform speed of 2 m/min. if the force is applied at an angle of 30o to the horizontal,
what is the work done? And the power?
Review Question #2: A shaft rotating at 1200 rpm receives an applied torque of 80 kg-m.
What is the received metric horsepower?
Review Question #3: A water jet which 5 cm in diameter emerges from a nozzle with velocity
of 230 m/s. Find the power produced b0 m/s. Find the power produced by the water jet/
Review Question #4: A rotating turbogenerator has a total weight of 11,000 kg and a
composite radius of gyration of 50 cm. The rotative speed is1800 rpm. Find the energy
Review Question #5: A 1400 kg automobile is running with a speed of 72 kph, how much
energy is possessed or stored?
Review Question #6: An elevator weighing 700 kg rises from the first floor (grade 0.00 m) to
fifth floor (grade 14.8 m). Find the energy associated with this rise.
Review Question #7: How much potential power can be developed in a river flow of 5 m3/s
at a site where a 40 m head is available?