Ted Speech Benjamin Zander pupil version

Ted Speech
Benjamin Zander
The Transformative Power of Classical Music
1. What is the function of the anecdote about the shoe salesmen in Africa?
2. In what way do children with different years of experience play the piano differently?
3. Which group do you belong to?
4. What is Zander’s mission?
5. What is the function of the reference to Martin Luther King?
6. What is the job of the C?
7. What do Chopin and Hamlet have in common?
8. What’s a deceptive cadence?
9. Why does he advocate one-buttock playing?
10. What is the function of the reference to Nelson Mandela?
11. What does he believe a conductor’s job to be?
12. What is the point of the Auschwitz story?
13. Benjamin Zander uses a variety of presentation skills to try to entertain, inform and persuade his audience.
Can you name some?
14. Did Benjamin Zander manage to change your opnion of classical music at all?
15. What can teachers, parents or managers learn from this Ted speech?
16. What is his larger goal?