Celtic Britain
The Iron Age is the age of the “Celt” in Britain. They were a group of warriors and
barbarians that populated Britain over 2000 years ago, 500 years before the Roman
invasion. There are no written records about them, and this is the reason why it’s known
very little information.
According to the invasion, we must highlight that there wasn’t an organized invasion, as
the Celts were so fragmented that the fought among themselves. As they were divided,
they didn’t have the same language, religion or even cultural expression. They lived for
the victories of battles and plunder. The Celts loved war. If one wasn’t happening
they’d be sure to start one. They got dressed fiercely as possible, sometimes they went
to war fully naked, dyed blue from head to toe and screaming to terrify their enemies.
They used a lot of paraphernalia in battle to apparent more violent. They used a lot of
chariots drawn by two horses and they even went to the battle with their families and
baggage. The disadvantage of this is that, as they couldn’t stop fighting, they couldn’t
establish a unified front. Each tribe was out for itself, and we can say that it cost them
the control of Britain.
As to religion, we cannot explain a general belief, as the different tribes had their own
one. However, most of them held many of the ceremonies in woodland groves and near
sacred water, such as wells and springs. They also did sacrifices and revered human
heads, specifically, the heads of their enemies. We can find there the first cemeteries of
ordinary burials (in a hole).
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