soil experiment



1. Using the soil diagram provided, color and label the soil horizons. Google a primary resource to complete it correctly. 2. Add the eluviation and bedrock layers to your diagram. 3. On the back of the diagram, list a characteristic for each horizon. Horizon O – Horizon A – Eluviation – Horizon B – Horizon C – Bedrock –

Activity 2

1. What is soil made of? Do a Google search to find why each of the items on the next page is important for soil. 2. Write what you find in your science journals. 3. Also, find out how much of each item is found in soil. Record your findings in your science journal.

Activity 3

1. Examine the soil in baggie 1. Write some words that describe it on the index card provided. You may use all your senses EXCEPT for taste. DO NOT eat the soil!!! 2. Predict where your soil came from. Write the prediction on your index card. 3. Place the card in the brown paper bag labeled 1. 4. Repeat steps 1, 2, and 3 for baggies 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6.

Activity 4

1. Do a Google search to find to answer the following questions. Use primary resources. You will need 5 facts for each question. Write what you find in your science journals. a. How can people enrich soil? b. How can people conserve soil? c. What is soil used for? 2. Be ready to share your findings with the class.

Activity 5 Activity 6

1. Log onto Mrs. Mayo’s Science Google Classroom. Use the code:


2. Complete the Soil web activities. There are 3 to choose from.

3. Write down some interesting facts about soil in your science journals to share with the class. You will need at least 10 facts written down.