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Q:-- Ethnicity & Language In Pakistan
Ethnicity is defined as a group of people who identify with each other based on
Common ancestral, social, cultural, or national experiences.
Common Ethnicity
Introduction of language
Language is extremly important in the development of any state or
national culture. The acceptance of one single language as the
national language helps bring about uniformly and a culture
identity by binding a people together. A common language increase
understanding and helps build a shared understanding of what a
nation believers in .
Types of language
In pakistan many language are spoken. But the national language is
urdu. It is relatively new language and over time muslims in the
subcontinent have spoken a wide variety of languages.
The languages are
Language factor
1) Language is the first and formost symbol of group identity.
Language is an important marker of identity .
3) Sense of identity is created by an interaction between individuals or
social groups .
4) In pakistan, there are more than one dozen language spoken .
Punjabi, Sindhi, Pushto, Baluchi, and urdu are the most common.
5) some of the other languages spoken such as Kashmiri, Brauhvi,
Hindko, Shina, Dardik, Saraiki, Pothohari, and are identifiable variants.
6) Urdu and its persian script symbolized the shared identity of Muslims
in South Asia.
7) Urdu was promoted as the national language for developing identity.
8) The promotion of urdu in East pakistan could not be popularized.
9) Bengali spoken east pakistanis identified themselves with Bengali
language and literature.
10) language thus is used not only as a symbol of identity but also as
weapon by political leaders of an ethnic community by converting it
into a pressure group to seek power.
Racial factor
Ethnicity is equally racial.
2) For instance, in panjb, Jats and Rajputs are the two major
clans or the oldest collectivities having strong ethnic bonds.
Besides, other kinship structures, also called Biradries
(Brotherhood) such as Shaikh, Syed, Arain, Butt_khawajas
maintain their identityies and at times.
3) Identity labels of Muslims conquerors such as Lodhis,
Durranis, Ghauris, Suris and Mughals were prestigious. Many
locals may have adopted any one of these identies to
become noble or important.
The national language
When the sate of pakistan was set up. It’s consititution stated that
urdu was the national language. It was to symbol of unity between
the different region of the new country.
Urdu language developed a rich litererary background which
helped to promote its use. Poetry has been signifcant prevalent in
urdu for centuries.
Famous poets of this period are Allama Iqbal , Ghalib.
English language
A language is tool by using that a person can be able
to communicate his feelings to another person. So for the
purpose of communication a common language of the world
is necessary and that is english.
English is a west Germanic language that was first
spoken in Anglosaxon
England in the early ages.
There are about 1.121 Billion speakers in the
world that’s why it is ist rank in the world.
Importance of English in Pakistan
In the pakistan the English has key importance in pakistan.
Pakistan is the developing country has the import the
technology from the other western countries and to operate
these technologies English is the necessary language.
All the computer language are uses as its base
language. The pakistani students go abroad like USA, Canada,
UK, and many other Europeans countries for the study and
the scholarships. In the abroad they have to face the many
challenges, and they can handle easily if they have the access
on the English language.
Punjabi language
Punjabi is the language spoken in the most populous of pakistan
provinces the punjab, through it is also spoken in other areas. Such
as azad khasmir and khyber paktunkhwa. It is an easily understood
language which has been given various different name throughout
For example it has been refered to as Masoodi, Al_Hindhi and
Hindko . It is through in 1080. Hafiz Barkhurdar was the first to
have used the term punjabi to decide the language. Punjabi has a
long history. Orignaly it was written in Gurmukhi script. But during
the year latter of mughals.
Bangali language
Bangali is an eastern indo-Aryan language. It is native to the region
of eastern south Asia known as bangal, which comprises present
day Bangladesh. It is written using the bengali script. With about
193 million native and about 230 million total speakers, bengali is
one of the most spoken language
Sindhi language
Before the arival of the muslim. Sindhi was written in the
‘Marwari’. When the arabs set tied in sindh their culture and
literature had a major impact on sindhi. Many arabs words were
absorbed in to the language and the language was written in the
Arabic script.
Sindhi is spoken as a first language by 15.5% of pakistanis. Mostly in
sindh, part of balochistan, southern punjab. It has rich literature
and is taught in school. It is an indo-Aryan language.
Balochi language
Balochi is spoken as a first language by about 4% of pakistan,
mostly in Balochistan province . It is belived the language was
brought to its present location in a series of migrations from the
kurdistan region of northeastern iraq and northwestern iran.
Phusto language
Pushto is the language of the pushtons,
It is an Eastern Iranian language belonging to the IndoEuropean family.
Pushto is one of the two official languages of Afghanistan,
And it is second largest language regional language of
In pakistan it is the majority language of the province of
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.
Over all we are pakistani and belong to a
muslim country. Which seprate from
hindustan on base of islam .