7 key model

7 Key Model of a Business Idea
What are our target groups?
Describe which target groups you consider to be your clients. This
might be consumers, companies, governments, foundations etc.
Divide the target group into customer groups.
What needs do they have?
How big and how financially strong are these target
Which benefits can we offer them?
Products / Services
What cluster of goods/services do we offer?
What features do they have?
For what values/emotions do they stand for?
What are our USP? What benefit will we create
for the clients?
Market development
Who will pay for what and how much? Units* How do the customers know about us?
How do we convince the customers?
What are our revenue streams? What are our
cost streams?
How do our products / services reach the customers?
What is the starting capital needed?
What are realistic funding options?
What are the strengths and weaknesses compared to
the relevant competitors?
Why would the customers come to us and not to the
I, the entrepreneur
What is my motivation?
What are my strengths and weaknesses?
Which resources are required?
Create a list of all resources you are going to need.
This includes employees, investments, money, know
Which resources are already available, which ones still