Biology ISP Pharmafood

Unit 1: Genetics
Analyze the basis of research, the
social and ethical implications of
research in genetics and genomics.
What is Genetics?
● Genetics is a branch of biology concerned
with the study of genes, genetic variation,
and heredity in organisms.
● Father of Genetics, George Mendel
discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance,
through his work on pea plants
● Every living thing contains the genetic
material that makes up DNA molecules,
which is passed on when organisms
What is Pharmafood?
● Definition: A food product with a pharmacological
additive meant to improve health
● Also known as designer foods
● Connecting the worlds of food and
pharmaceuticals together.
● An outcome of nutrigenomics, produced from
genetically modified crops or animals
Not naturally occuring, they are engineered to provides
specific health benefits
They provide higher than usual amounts of various
nutrients that can be consumed as foods
The Process Behind Pharmafoods
● There are various techniques:
○ Pronuclear injection
○ Transgenic crop technology
○ Genetic Engineering
■ one or more genes to an plant's genome
■ The plants are tested on farm fields or
growing animals in a controlled
****GMO foods use similar techniques, keep
that in mind for the discussion
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