Teenage pregnancy is pregnancy in a woman 19 years of ages or younger. A woman
can get a pregnant if she is has vaginal sex with a man at any age after she’s begun having
regular monthly period and between the pregnant the ages of 15 to 19, it still remains higher
than in other industrialized of countries. The leading cause of death globally for the girls
is ages 15 to 19 if you get a pregnant as a teen, and you might feel frightened and worried
about telling your family and friends. Not talking to someone and not getting the help and
support you need, can make you feel more to depressed and to lead to problems in home
and at school. Many pregnant can drop-out of school because of the emotional problem
and so they are complicated of the family and so never complete their education, means a
lot of mothers who get pregnant as teenagers live in poverty. The women got pregnant as
teens are more likely to have more than one child. She a woman with little education and
multiple children to care for will find it very difficult to earn a living.
The Healthy of pregnancy lasts 40 weeks. A baby that’s delivered before the 37
weeks of pregnancy is a premature. The teen mothers are more likely to give a birth to
premature babies. Because sometimes, the babies lack of complete development in their
bodies and brains. Depending on how premature babies is to can lead a lifelong difficulties
with health and development of premature babies also tend to be underweight. Because the
underweight babies have might the trouble breathing and feeding as infants.
Teenage pregnancy has a very difficult situation for a young woman so that think
before do something we will not regret.
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